NSPNA Internal Memo: The Attempt At Character Assassination Continues, Parts 1 and 2

Picture0012222For the last three months, currently into the fourth month, there has been a concerted effort underway to flush me down the Facebook memory hole. This is ongoing political action dating back to last year’s London Forum Speech. For full contextual background and the personalities involved in this sluttish conduct, please see: The Stench Of Betrayal and my 2016 President’s Report.

This means that when the current 30-day ban comes to an end in mid-September, I will not have been able to post and message, and have had access to my Facebook contacts for a total of about three days over a span of 120 days. Who is doing this anal-retentive reporting in order to get me banned is revealed in the first video. If I am such a “crazy old bag lady”, as one tangential spin of several purports, then why not just let me hang myself? No. The cadre that is behind this is frightened; they do not want the NSPNA message to get out. They conduct themselves as whiny, Jewish girlies with pissy panties.

As banal as Facebook “politicking” can at times be with its gaggle of courageous (cough) anonymities, armies (cough) of sock puppet accounts, and toothless, gossiping hags, it still serves a marginal utility as a networking tool and daily-looping focus group. Not even decadent Faggot-Nigger Meme Culture can totally negate such utility.

I will do what I must do and resort to alternative media in order to protect my good name and the reputation of the NSPNA. Please spread the word on these lowlifes. Thanks for your attention.

Sebastian E. Ronin

President, National Synergist Party of North America