Radio Renaissance, Podcast #1, May 24, 2015

RadRenRPN Supporters and Members:

Please find linked below the RPN’s inaugural radio “broadcast.” The panel consisting of myself (Sebastian Ronin, President, RPN Canada), Max Macro (Chairman, RPN US), and Clayton Elmy (Director-At-Large, RPN Canada) is pleased with the content covered and the quality of the recording.

We apologize to our supporters and members for the two-week delay in getting this recorded. Most of the bugs have been worked out, and we are now ready to deliver a state-of-the-art message every second week. Due to sticking to technological simplicity, call-ins to the program are out, however we do anticipate bringing in guests every now and then to add to and compliment the RPN’s message.


Radio Renaissance, Podcast #1, May 24, 2015 by Rpnamerica on Mixcloud

Covered in this broadcast:

  • the nationalist scene in NAmerika
  • the RPN’s Three Pillars
    • Energy Devolution/Ecological Tipping Point
      • worse is better (When the middle class is eating out of dumpsters.)
      • the historical timeline of collapse
      • the demographics of collapse
    • political devolution towards bioregional implosion, fracture, and secessionist legitimacy
      • the political logistics of secession
    • autonomous Ethno States and the development of Ethno Nationalist identities
      • the historical redundancy of “Amerikan” and “Kanadian” identity
      • Ethno State identification
      • the synergy of top-down, fascist direction encounters bottom-up, grassroots action
      • the hard edge of non-sustainability
  • introduction to distinctions between Ethno Nationalism and White Nationalism; Ethno Nationalism is not White Nationalism
    • Ethno Nationalist ethno-racial, secessionist working partnerships
    • RaHoWa as Globalist co-opted agenda
    • Ferguson and Baltimore: Where was the White Nationalist presence?


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