About Us

Welcome to the Vanguard Renaissance (VR) web site.

The VR came into existence on August 29, 2010 via a motion passed by the then Renaissance Party of North America Executive Council for the RPN to, “re-structure its umbrella organization to more clearly reflect its evolution and multi-country representation.” The RPN was incorporated in March, 2013 and was re-named at the 2015 AGM to the National Synergist Party of North America (NSPNA).

The VR has been functioning with executive representation from Canada,   South Africa, England, and  the United States . We have received a very encouraging overture from India to start a Renaissance political organization there. A mature ownership of Ethno Nationalism, in tandem with conditional recognition of European New Right Archeofuturism, has now been folded into the VR mandate.

For existing VR members, the structure of the tabs on this site and the contents contained therein should come as no great surprise. For first-time and new visitors, we of course suggest a reading of all our written material, with a focus on the following three pieces:

  • The Mission Statement as the introduction to the RVI’s general philosophy.
  • The Three Pillars for an introduction to our Three Pillars of Post-Peak Oil, Secession and Ethno Nationalism.
  • The Triskis Logo for an explanation of our symbolic presence in the world.

We suggest a reading of the NSPNA Constitution and Bylaws. With adaptation for specific national jurisdictions, these documents will serve as cookie-cutter templates for other Renaissance parties.

We welcome first-time and new visitors to become members of our Facebook Group and to follow us on our Twitter Account (rpnamerica) and on our YouTube Channel.

Thank you for your attention.


Sebastian Ernst Ronin

Chairman, Vanguard Renaissance